Tangram Mania [English]

Tangram Mania [English]

Plataforma: NDS

Idioma: English

Genero: Otros

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 0 GB

Fecha: 16-02-2008


The Tangram originated in China and is often referred to as the Chinese Puzzle. With its long history some claim that this is the oldest cutting puzzle in the world with a history that traces back to the late 18th century. In china Tangram is known as qi qiao ban which literally means seven boards of cunning and now for the first time this ancient art has been transferred to the Nintendo DS. A Tangram is a square divided into 7 parts that include 2 large triangles, 1 medium sized triangle, 2 small triangles, a smaller square and a parallelogram. The player must rearrange these different size shapes to create a new recognisable shape like a rabbit or swan etc. Tangram Mania is incredibly easy to get into and impossible to put down. As the game progresses the complexity of the Tangrams increase and challenge the player to think about the new forms and shapes. Players can also create their own Tangrams to challenge friends in the free play mode.


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