Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation

Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation

Plataforma: PS2

Idioma: Japanese

Calidad: DVD

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 1.52 GB

Fecha: 22-05-2006


Of all the Street Fighter games it is the legendary Zero (Alpha) series that is the most hyped... and now it comes to the PS2 for the first time! Are you ready for the ultimate fight? The legends are back. The most popular fighting games ever. The toughest fighters ever. The entire Street Fighter Zero series together, for the first time ever, in one arcade-perfect collection. You decide the ultimate fighting game, you decide the ultimate fighter and you decide the ultimate winner. Get ready to fight! The Street Fighter Zero - Fighters Generation compilation contains the following five Street Fighter games in one collection: - Street Fighter Zero - Street Fighter Zero 2 - Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha - Street Fighter Zero 3 - Pocket Fighter


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