Space War Attack

Space War Attack

Plataforma: PS2

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.44 GB

Fecha: 01-09-2006


The AAA (Anti Aliens Airforce) is the last hope of Earth against an evil biomechanical alien race. You are the first class pilot chosen to fight against this great menace. Run on your aircraft and beat down those aliens freaks! Giant worms, horribly mutated butterflies and humongus scorpions are only a few of the devious enemys you will have to fight. But dont be afraid! If you will be skilled enough you can deploy a wide array of different aircrafts and weapons. You can customise almost everything about your aircraft (armour, speed, etc) and load up to three different weapons like long range or heat seeking missiles, laser guns and more. Occasionally you play bonus games to improve your stock of different aircrafts and weapons. Do your best to save the Earth!


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