Simon The Sorcerer 4 [English]

Simon The Sorcerer 4 [English]

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Genero: Accion

Calidad: DVD

Formato: MDF-MDS

Tamaño: 3.44 GB

Fecha: 15-04-2008


Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens is set some years after Simons last adventure in the Magic World. During a fight over the TV remote with his younger brother, Simon is knocked unconscious. In the dream that follows he has a vision of Alix, his lady friend from the Magic World. She tells him a “Simon” doppelganger is causing all kinds of trouble in her world. After Simon wakes up he doesnt know what to make of it. Was it just a dream or is there more He wastes no time at all and fires up his magic wardrobe to get to the bottom of it."


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