Silent Hunter 3 Addon U-Boat Battle In The Mediterranean

Silent Hunter 3 Addon U-Boat Battle In The Mediterranean

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: Espanol English French Italian German

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.41 GB

Fecha: 17-08-2006


U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean is the biggest expansion for Ubisoft Silent Hunter III to date, offering a richer campaign experience and more than forty new ship classes. The greatly expanded campaign covers a period from May 1941 to the Allied invasion of Italy in 1943, including hundreds of historical convoys, task forces and re-supply activity. Designed to extend the Silent Hunter world into the Mediterranean theatre and Black Sea, this expansion provides new bases, new harbours and many hours of excitement in the silent service. In addition to approximately forty new cities (each with anchored ships), random surface activity includes British and Italian submarines, as well as battleships like the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, while engagement zones afford an opportunity to participate in classic sea battles, e.g. the battle of Sirte. Features: - 44 new ship classes, including three new models. - New sub bases at Salamis, Constantza and Taranto. - More than thirty new cities, including ports and industry. - New naval and airbase locations, including new base types in Med. - New objects: search lights, bunkers, minefields and air defences. - Special "engagement zones" - New paint schemes for Type VII boats. - Improved night vision and new particle effects. - Sonar fix for destroyers. - Leigh lights for Catalina and Sunderland. - Stationary ships that spawn according to campaign dates. - New Task Force activity including historical engagements. - Escorts out of hazardous harbours where minefields are in place. - Maps showing Allied air coverage.


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