Secrets Of The East

Secrets Of The East

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.63 GB

Fecha: 29-05-2006


Test your puzzle-solving skills with Secrets of the East, a collection of four fun puzzle games with an Eastern flair. Take on the challenge of each unique game and enjoy hours of brain-busting fun. These addictive games are ready to reveal their secrets to you. First, try your hand at Ultimate Sudoku, the number puzzle game thats taken the world by storm. Select from four game modes or create your own puzzles. Ultimate Mahjongg is a classic tile-matching game that provides you with 15 ways to play. Choose from more than 400 layouts and more than 450 tile sets to personalize your game. Try to outsmart your opponent in Go as you strategically lay out your stones to claim the most territory. Outwit nine different computer opponents to provide a challenge for any skill level. If you like crossword puzzles, youll love Kakuro, the crossword with a number twist. Print your favorite puzzles and solve them on the go. These classic, popular puzzle games are yours to master with Secrets of the East. FEATURES: - Includes four challenging puzzle games, each with an Eastern flair. - Ultimate Sudoku lets you choose from four game modes, using numbers or letters. - Solve the puzzles on-screen or print them out for on-the-go fun. - Create your own puzzles to challenge yourself or your friends. - Ultimate Mahjongg lets you play the classic tile-matching game 15 different ways. - Choose from more than 400 layouts, more than 450 tile sets and more than 2,000 backgrounds or import photos to make your own tile sets. - Matched tiles dance and reveal neat animated backgrounds as you clear the board. - Strategically lay out your stones and claim the most territory in Go. - Use logic to trap your opponent and win the game. - Challenge yourself with three different board sizes. - Pit yourself against nine different computer opponents to match any skill level. - Play an infinite number of crossword puzzles with a number twist in Kakuro - Choose from hundreds of grid sizes and multiple levels of difficulty to match your skill. - Print your favorite puzzles and solve them away from the computer.


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