Polar Games

Polar Games

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.31 GB

Fecha: 29-04-2006


Polar Golf: Play 9 or 18 gorgeous holes that trek through valleys and trail inlets. Forget making divots! Polar Golfer has so much talent; he whacks the ball with just one paw! Guide the ball in mid-air and steer it on the putting green with your mouse. Polar Bowler: Join this cool, loveable bear in a winter wonderland of Arctic fun! Send Polar Bowler tubing through snowflakes and stalagmites. Align his tube with arrows on icy lanes and watch him plunge headfirst into pins. Steer him into spares and strikes! Unlock six cool, whimsical friends with your high score! FEATURES: - Polar Golf - Ball Control in mid-air with your mouse! - Play 18 gorgeous holes of the Polar Country Club - Experience Santas cool swing - Score bonus points and shoot further with power rings! - Unlock 8 Polar characters with your high-score! - 4 players can enjoy each game! Polar Bowler - Polar Bowler consists of 6 unique levels. Each level is a complete game of 10 frames. Each frame is 2 throws of a character. Scoring is standard 10 pin bowling rules with strikes, spares, splits, gutters, and open frames. - Up to 4 turn-based players will be allowed to play locally. Players will be given the opportunity to capture power-ups to multiply their score. The players score is based on the number of pins knocked down at the end of 10 frames plus any power-ups or bonuses collected. - Players advance through the game and unlock further levels based on theirscore.


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