Pic Pic [English]

Pic Pic [English]

Plataforma: NDS

Idioma: English

Genero: Otros

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 0 GB

Fecha: 19-02-2008


Test yourself with Pic Pic, a collection of three puzzle Picross games. The first is Maze, a classic puzzle game in which to solve you need to conjoin with a line the entrance and the exit! Next, test your skills with Crucipix by conjoining two cells on the field the two cells must contain the same number and the number of cells between the two are the same indicated inside the first and the last cells. After completing every game, you will discover a drawing that can also help to resolve the puzzle!If the first two dont faze you then try your hand at Magipix! Another original game that requires painting a field divided in cells that contain a number. Every numbered cell is surrounded by 9 cells and the number inside indicates how many of the surrounding cells must be painted. At the end of the puzzle, you will be able to recognize a familiar design.


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