Hard Truck Apocalypse

Hard Truck Apocalypse

Plataforma: PC

Idioma English

Calidad: CD

Formato: RAR

Tamaño: 750.00 MB

Fecha: 03-07-2006

Descargar Torrent


This third person action/RPG is set in the post-apocalyptic environment full of menacing mysteries and unfriendly inhabitants. Explore the new world using your heavy truck. Your heavy truck is the only hope. You will need it to travel, earn your lining and fight your way through the perilous areas. It’s crucial that you continuously upgrade your truck. Your ability to equip smartly your 'iron buddy' will make or break the success of your journey. So, go to towns and villages, trade with them, help them and you are sure to raise the cash required for powerful weapon and new gadgets.

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    porfavor actulicen este juego lo quiero jugar pofavor
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