Night Watch

Night Watch

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: DVD

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 3.87 GB

Fecha: 25-10-2006


World has always been divided into two sides – black and white, day and night, Light and Darkness. An ancient agreement guards the balance between Light and Darkness. But there should be someone to guard the Agreement. There are people among us who look usual but who are different – they call themselves Others. They can enter the magic layer of reality – Dusk, feel the magic power and use it for their different magic abilities. From the very beginning of our days Others took a side to serve to and to fight for. Others who protect Light united in the Night Watch as they fight against those who come out in the night time. Others who fight for Darkness united into Day Watch. Their battle goes on for ages – and will be going on until the balance is lost and one side wins forever… Welcome to the Night Watch! As your power will grow with the experience, you will be able to choose one specialization out of three. You can be Shapeshifter and turn into an animal – your significant physical strength will be a great weapon in a close combat. You can choose to be an Enchanter and be able to turn usual items into magical artifacts. Or you can become a Mage and learn many of different mighty spells. But no matter which specialization you choose, you can also rely on your team-mates. Your tactics will be greatly deepened with the Dusk, an Other layer of reality. It shows auras of Others, makes your abilities grow and gives more power to your spells. Yet for all this the Dusk takes away your strength – slowly, turn by turn. This constant threat to your life deepens the challenge and makes the magic battles even sharper, while realistic physics and destructible environment make them spectacular! Step into the real locations of modern Moscow, enter the Dusk, reveal your magic abilities and serve the cause of Light!


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