Need For Speed Undercover [MULTI10]

Need For Speed Undercover [MULTI10]

Plataforma: PSP

Idioma: Espanol English French Italian German Otros

Genero: Accion

Calidad: UMD

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 0.78 GB

Fecha: 17-11-2008


EA s dominating racing series takes a left turn with this uniquely action-oriented entry in the franchise, where players use their driving skills honed in previous NFS games to control their vehicle in dangerous, high speeds encounters. The game features international movie star, Maggie Q, as the lead character in the big-budget live-action sequences that propel the story forward as players get behind the wheel. Undercover takes the franchise back to its roots and re-introduces break-neck cop chases, the world s hottest cars and spectacular highway battles. Languages: .uk .de .fr .it .es .nl .hu .pl .ru .cz


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