Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures[USA][2008]

Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures[USA][2008]

Plataforma: NDS

Idioma English


Formato: RAR

Tamaño: 48.09 MB

Fecha: 04-06-2008

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Revive with I bequeath Indiana Jones: Original The Adventures the adventures of the archaeologist. It runs at full speed to avoid the enormous rock in “In search of the Lost Coffer”, controls the delivery truck of the mine in “the Damn Temple” or chooses in “the Last one Crossed” the correct chalice if you do not want that the templario horseman says to you: “it chose BAD”. By all means this title has the charming “touch I bequeath”. Everything is created from small pieces I bequeath. From the main personages, to the scenery, happening through small details like, for example, the mechanism that activates the footbridge towards the treasure.


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