NBA 07 Featuring The Life Vol.2

NBA 07 Featuring The Life Vol.2

Plataforma: PS2

Idioma: English

Calidad: DVD

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 2.21 GB

Fecha: 27-09-2006


Experience the most detailed and engaging NBA experience on and off the court with NBA 07 The Life: Volume 2. Take your favorite NBA team, drive the lane and see if you have what it takes to lead your team to the pinnacle of its sport. In The Life Volume 2, experience the rivalry of two elite players, The Kid and Big W and the struggles they must overcome in order to maintain their status among the NBAs best. Experience all of the trials and tribulations these players encounter including agents, injuries, endorsement opportunities, teammates, the sweet taste of success and more. Features: - Featuring The Life, where players experience the sights, sounds, trials and tribulationsboth on and off the floor in the life of an NBA athlete. The Life tests your ability through agameplay driven storybook season in your bid for NBA fame. - New Power Boarding System offers the most realistic rebounding mechanic ever. Crash the boards and position yourself for the rebound based on where the ball is going to be taking into account shot trajectory and the bounce off the rim. - New True Shot Indicator clearly illustrates the impact that the defense has on the potential shooter. Glove like D will result in a low-level shot indicator while soft D and a positive shot indicator encourages players to fire way. - Officially licensed NBA product including all the teams, players, uniforms, arenas and a true simulation experience enabling players to complete an 82 game season and battle for the NBA Championship. More than a dozen mini-games including 21, Own The Court, 1-on-1,3-on-3 and HORSE. - ShowTime Gameplay incorporates challenging risk/reward aspects including no-look passes, alloy-oops, high-flying dunks and more. Online gameplay lets you tip off the NBA action across the street or across the nation. - Compete in a variety of leagues and tournaments for bragging rights across the land. - Eye Toy Functionality allows players to take a snapshot of their own face, apply it to acreated character and officially enter an NBA game.


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