Mahjong Party Swim Suit Beauty

Mahjong Party Swim Suit Beauty

Plataforma: PS2

Idioma: Japanese

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.12 GB

Fecha: 07-05-2006


As a product of China, and popular all over Asia and even the world, mahjong develops into local rules over time. All this while, all mahjong games released on the "Playstation" and "Playstation 2" use Japanese rules, but this game is not only fully Chinese in the contents, but also Hong Kong rules are used. Accompanied by swimsuit-clad beauties, enjoy a mahjong game using local rules to cool off during the hot summer day. Game Features, Recommended Points Mahjong rules all Hong Kong-style! This "Mahjong Party" besides having all text in Chinese, has the biggest difference and breakthrough in that the rules are fully Hong Kongs very own. This is indeed a joyous occasion for Hong Kong gamers. Besides this, whether it is the flower tiles or the number of times of winnings, or even the display of the mahjong table, they are all familiar. Of course, even Hong Kongs very own "Jia jia zhong" or "bao pai" are faithfully reproduced! Finally, Hong Kong gamers can finally play a Mahjong game on the "Playstation 2" using their own rules. Rich game modes There are 3 game modes for this mahjong game, each offering different experiences. Swimsuit-clad beauties mode is just a stage clearing mode, where the player has to defeat the various swimsuit-clad girls in sequence. Of course, the opponents get tougher. Free match allows the player to freely play against any swimsuit-clad girl he has defeated. The story mode is one in which winning or losing a match affects the plot development, maybe resulting in surprising episodes? Fulfill the fun of collecting with pictures of swimsuit-clad beauties The points accumulated in "Mahjong Party" can be used to trade for sexy photos of the various beauties in the game. There are a total of 400 photos to be collected! There are 3 grades to the photos, costing different points to buy. Rare and expensive photos may be hard to come by, but there maybe some which can really move you!


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