Hot Shots Golf 2

Hot Shots Golf 2

Plataforma: PSP

Idioma: English

Calidad: UMD

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 0.15 GB

Fecha: 23-12-2006


Video golf doesnt get any more casual (without being completely ludicrous) than Hot Shots Golf 2, an amusing mix of arcade-style gameplay and mostly realistic golf physics. Featuring six modes of play and seven courses, this offbeat sports title offers good single and multiplayer action for those who find the officially licensed golf titles a little too stiff. The golfers in Hot Shots Golf 2 are a motley lineup of cartoon characters with varying abilities. In addition to unlocking playable characters in the single-player versus mode, golfers can win balls, clubs, and other prizes in tournament mode. These equipment upgrades help boost your skill level during subsequent golf rounds. The 3-D graphics in Hot Shots Golf 2 are somewhat inconsistent. This game is littered with two-dimensional eyesores (such as the peanut gallery of onlookers) and sloppy animations (such as when golfers chase down balls). Equally spotty are the controls. The teeny-tiny swing meter makes your shot power hard to judge, and pulling off accurate or nonstraightforward shots with the games control setup is much more difficult than it needs to be.


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