Gigawing Generations

Gigawing Generations

Plataforma: PS2

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.59 GB

Fecha: 11-02-2006


Pilot one of four possible ships named after birds (Hawk, Eagle, Robin, and Grouse) and deftly maneuver through swarms of enemy fighters and bothersome end-level bosses. As with previous Gigawing games, the Reflect Force is in full effect where oncoming bullets may be bounced back at enemy ships. Cooperative play allows two players to fly shoot simultaneously and score multipliers are shared when collecting bonus medallions. Two video settings are available - an original mode where the screen is spread out wider or arcade mode which mimics the vertical aspect ratio of the coin-op more faithfully. FEATURES: * In the intro to the game, four Gigawing ships mount a massive attack on enemy ground and air installations. * Game modes are: ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK / OPTION / RANKING / TUTORIAL / SAVE LOAD * The Reflect Force is activated by pressing and holding X for about 2 seconds. An energizing sound sizzles and a globe of power encapsulates the ship for a few seconds which deflects all shots that it comes into contact. We wanted the option of setting the Reflect Force on another button entirely from the SHOT button because we wanted to test going through the entire game just by using the Reflect Force. As it is, some shots will always have to be fired when powering up for the R.F. since the two commands share the same button. * The game is moderate in difficulty with the R.F. helping to bounce away most of the bullets. The enemies never press the attack too much and skilled warriors will bob and weave through the maze of fire without much difficulty.


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