Fastlane Pinball

Fastlane Pinball

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.07 GB

Fecha: 30-11-2005


Fastlane Pinball is the latest sensation coming from Framework Studios. Fastlane Pinball is a fun-filled, action-packed, lightning-fast pinball game. Once youve seen the stunning graphics youll wonder how you ever did without this gem in your pinball collection. You play Michael James Smith who carries the burden of knowing how and when the world will come to an end. The vision you had was so clear, it just could not be read in any other way than the worlds demise. So what do you do! You get up from your couch, drag yourself to the nearest bar and start playing a great game of pinball…Fastlane Pinball that is! Cause hey, you couldnt be bothered by all the things you know, right? You just wanna clear your mind with a good old fashioned game of pinball! Fastlane Pinball lets you experience challenging missions, amazing graphics, addictive gameplay and special effects that will blow your mind. Firetrails, explosions, close-up camera actions, split screens and old school Display Games will be thrust onto your screen. In addition to single-player, you can now play one-on-one with a friend at the same table, thanks to a unique feature called ghost-balling. Features Ball missions with combo shots: Monorail Maze, Multiball, Jailbreak, Casino, etc. Display missions like Pizza Packing, Hit the Slots and Highway Chase Realistic 3D physics simulation, locationbased reflections, dynamic shadows, bumpmapping and environment-mapping effects Metal sparks, fire trails, speedballs and explosions viewed through multiple camera angles Single-player includes ghost-balling options Turn-based, one-on-one play over a LAN Online high score tournaments and support at the games official site.


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