Thrillville Off The Rails [English]

Thrillville Off The Rails [English]

Platform: PSP

Language English

Region: USA


Quality: UMD

Format: ISO

Size: 406.81 MB

Fecha: 14-10-2007

Descargar Torrent


Thrillville: Off the Rails amps up the family-friendly mix of gameplay with some of the most outlandish roller-coaster concepts ever imagined, as well as new ways to talk to park guests and a new array of carnival games. 20 death-defying rides so outrageous inspire the same word from every park visitor who sees them: 'WHOA!' Build incredible 'WHOA Coasters' to leap from one track to another, launch through the air like cannonballs, blast through a burning ring of fire and more. A new lighthearted story ties together more than 100 missions, complete with 34 playable multiplayer theme-park games and social interaction with park guests thats better than ever. The in-depth conversations both advance the plot and suggest better ways to manage the park but is every guest to be trusted Smarter guests, better dialogue and more focused two-way conversation make Thrillvilles socialization aspects even more amusing than before Conversation more directly impacts the story than in the original Thrillville Play 34 minigames - 14 new, 20 returning from the original Thrillville with new levels such as Robo K.O., Sparkle Quest, Bandito Chinchilla and Tank Frenzy.


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