Platform: PC

Language English

Quality: CD

Format: ISO

Size: 460.00 MB

Fecha: 26-04-2006

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While I’m a die-hard adventure fan at heart, I have to admit to having the occasional moment of RPG-envy. The graphics are often hyper-realistic, there’s a level of freedom you won’t find in the typical point-and-click, and the potential for battling evil can’t be beat.

Originally created with Czech dialogue, RA Images’s Daemonica is soon to be released to the North American market, and promises to fulfill those action-oriented fantasies for adventure lovers such as myself. The demo version I played certainly delivered. The unusual top-down 3D view is reminiscent of the classic RPG series, Baldur’s Gate, and provides stunning views of swaying trees, changing weather patterns, and beautifully textured background elements. The music was absolutely captivating; gloomy and moving at once in true movie score style..

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