Dream Pinball 3D

Dream Pinball 3D

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 0.48 GB

Fecha: 24-09-2006


ASK Homework in association with eGames, nVidia and Iridion Interactive had brought to gamers a decade of pinball games. Now there is a time and desire to change streamline. But before all that happens ASK Homework is ready to bring you the ultimate pinball game, the most grandiose pinball game there ever was waving a farewell to the genre and thanking all our fans and players for chosing our titles. We would also like to address PC, XBox and Nintendo DS owners with the release of this game. We would address all aspects of a pinball game and raise it two levels higher. Well put everything in this left inside us. Why is it worth changing your old slot machine to Dream Pinball you ask? Simply becasue Dream Pinball - offers a challange featuring 4 levels of difficulty enjoyable for all ages. Young, old, amateur and proffesionals can also find delight in this title. The game will have probably the easiest as well as the most difficult gameplay levels ever introduced to a pinball game. - features multi-layer 3D sound effects maybe never ever seen in a pinball game. - provides 15 different themes and multi-level tables, which means that a table is devided into separate sections giving the player the feeling as if s/he was playing on multiple tables at the same time. - comes with a real-time physics engine almost naturally from ASK Homework, except ever overtuned and advanced from previous titles. - thanks to its fabulous physics engine can surprise the player with 10 different material balls such as steel, wood, stone, paper spitball, etc... each having a dirt effect. The more you play a ball, the dingier it gets. - is invested with a never before seen crash engine that means when kicking the machine too much it will break in different ways including cracking and tearing glass covers. - can be played from 6 different pre-set camera views that can be increased to infinity with the brand new tool, the view adjuster. You can set and save your own views simply navigating the camera. - revolutionises the pinball multiplayer mode including fun for up to four players on the same or different tables in network or on split screen supporting ladders. - makes all this in the new DirectX9 environment calling to power such effects as HDRI, Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Bloom or Particle Simulation with the aid of which we can draw smoking tables bursting out in fire, sparkling metal balls or blinding shine of steel surfaces. But ofcourse not to exclude anyone from the fun the graphics engine can be keyed low to run on lower configurations. With one word because we supply pinball head over heals, turned inside out showing you one of the most ancient representative of all times amusementarcade.


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