Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2007 10th Anniversary Edition

Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2007 10th Anniversary Edition

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.54 GB

Fecha: 03-10-2006


Alaska is celebrated for its majestic scenery and remarkable wildlife, but few outdoorsmen are lucky enough to see it for themselves. Thats all about to change in this special 10th anniversary installment of Cabelas Big Game Hunter for your PC. Take an unforgettable journey across North Americas last frontier land to hunt, fish and experience what its like to rough it through the rugged Alaskan wilderness. Youll be in pursuit of a wide variety of indigenous game exclusive to the region in incredibly realistic environments, including vast tundra, dense forests, river deltas, rocky slopes and more. Keep a keen eye on the prize and tread lightly over the challenging terrain — your survival depends on it. Embark on more than 30 hunting missions across 12 Alaskan regions to track down some of the most sought-after Alaskan Trophy game, including Yukon moose, Sitka Black Tailed deer, Grizzly bears and more. Cast your line for 10 different species of Alaskan fish, hunt rare birds, and compete in a once-in-a-lifetime dog sled race though the Alaskan artic. Begin each mission at one of four outposts where youll choose from thousands of survival gear, such as rifles, shotguns, fishing tackle and clothing. Be warned that this is not an adventure for the inexperienced. Above all else, you must also rely on your cunning hunter skills and knowledge of the great outdoors to make it out alive.


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