Bridge Baron 16

Bridge Baron 16

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 0.17 GB

Fecha: 26-04-2006


Over two billion random but re-creatable deals to play in single hand, rubber bridge, duplicate, or Chicago mode. Select from over forty play levels. Optional double dummy card play. Choose Standard American with five-card majors, 2/1, ACOL, French 5 card major, Forum D, Precision or Standard American Yellow Card. Selectable opening 1NT and 2NT range. Blackwood, Gerber, and certain cue-bids are standard. Optional conventions include Stayman, Weak Jump Overcalls, Weak Two bids, Forcing NT, Negative Doubles, Limit Major Raises, Jacoby Transfers, Unusual NT, Michaels, Texas, Flannery, Drury, Reverse Drury, Roman Keycard Blackwood, Weak Jump-Shift Responses, Splinter Bids, Control-showing Cue bids, Inverted minor raises, Lebensohl over 1 NT, Lebensohl after double of weak two, Smolen, Minor suit Stayman, Grand Slam Force, Responsive doubles, Ghestem, Checkback Stayman, Landy, Multi-2D, Mini-Multi, Multi-Roman, Ogust, D.O.N.T., Astro, Benjamin 2 Bids, new Minor Forcing, Extended Stayman, Bergen Raise, Brozel, Maximal Overcall Doubles, Mathe Asking Bids, Unusual over unusual, Invisible Cue-Bids, Preemptive Reraises, and Gambling 3 NT, Jacoby 2 NT Support Doubles, 1NT-2S Minor Sigh-of, Puppet Stayman, DOPI, Truscott 2NT, Sandwich 1NT, RKC 1430, 4-Suited Transfers aafter 1NT, Unusual Positive Responses to Precision 1C, Gamma Trump Asks, Epsilon Trump Asks and Baron. Plus, new for version 15: Short Club, Semi-Forcing 1NT, and various responses to 2C opening bids. Ask for computers recommended bid or play at any time. Unique flow charts show you how the Baron decides what to bid or play at any time. Bidding analysis and hand evaluation on request. Review bidding and play, replay any deal, or save deals to disk. Cumulative statistics measure your improvement as declarer or defender. Two people can play as partners or compete as opponents, using the same computer or different computers. Features: Only 5-time Winner of the World Computer Bridge Championship Will run on Windows 95 or higher OR Macintosh system 8.6 or higher Runs natively in Macintosh OSX CD-ROM.


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