Plataforma: PSP

Idioma: English

Calidad: UMD

Formato: RAR

Tamaño: 0.42 GB

Fecha: 30-12-2006


Handball in a prison yard? In the early 1980s, Atari took this abstract concept and turned it into one of the most addictive video games of its time. By moving a paddle from side to side to volley a ball back and forth, the object was to chip away at the wall in front of you one brick at a time. You would eventually progress to thicker, more complex walls, more capricious balls, and shrinking paddles until you finally lost your last rebound. Now on the PlayStation, Breakout sports a refined look but still has that simple, absorbing gameplay. Youll blast through bricks, blocks, barricades, and other bizarre barriers in both single and multiplayer modes--up to four players via the separately sold Multi Tap. This game also features a 3-D world with power-ups, new ball types, and interactive elements. Carom your ball off buildings and strange creatures to capture prizes and move through new levels.


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