Bob The Builder Bob Bullds A Park

Bob The Builder Bob Bullds A Park

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.65 GB

Fecha: 07-05-2006


Can you build it? Yes you can, with Bob Builds a Park from BBC Multimedia. Featuring Bob, Wendy and the rest of the gang, this CD-ROM will be a favourite with any Bob fan. It is graphically superb (as you would expect from the BBC) and all characters are faithful to their on-screen counterparts. The games run smoothly without pixelation and the screens are easy to navigate. A full-colour instruction booklet is included, guiding players through installation and activity and providing helpful hints and tips. This should be read before commencing. In the first activity, you help Bob build a park. First you build a pond, then a bandstand and then decorate the park with trees, flowers, bushes, picnic tables and other park essentials. You can view the park in "winter" or "summer" mode, then print it out once complete. Next, you help Bob fix the skateboard park for the hapless Spud, then score points as you help the scarecrow perform his skateboard stunts. In "Mr Ellis Dinosaur Discovery", the park becomes Jurassic, as you help Mr Ellis piece together the dinosaur bones he has uncovered. Choose from a T-Rex, a Velociraptor or a Triceratops and print out an impression of what the dino would have looked like. In "Farmer Pickles Pets Corner", you help Farmer Pickles round up his farmyard strays and lead them back to their correct homes. Next, you help Lofty build a squirrel run, then progress to "Bobs Crazy Golf" and make Muck collect building materials, while avoiding the mischievous Spud! Once thats built, you help Bob find his first hole-in-one, before joining "Bobs Band". Once youve completed all the games, you can open the park in grand style with a fireworks display. But even fun must be earned-you must help Bob and the gang set it all up first! As well as promoting basic PC and mouse skills, Bob Builds a Park will help youngsters to learn hand-to-eye coordination, colours, shapes, musical pitch, planning, animal and dinosaur names and anatomies. It will also develop creativity, spatial awareness, problem-solving and many, many other skills. Varying difficulty levels keep children interested and learning and, true to the Bob the Builder ethos, the package promotes team work, hard work and Bobs trademark "can-do" attitude. Its recommended for ages three and above: younger users will undoubtedly need supervision and help, particularly with set-up. Altogether, this is another great Bob the Builder package. FEATURES: - Build a Park with Bob - Create endless exciting park designs adding ponds, band stands and flowers. And then view the park in all the different seasons and print out your design! - Skateboard Spud - Fix the broken skateboard with Bob and then help Spud perform amazing tricks and stunts! - Bobs Crazy Golf- Help Muck around a maze to collect the pieces he needs to create his golf course. - Farmer Pickles Pets Corner - Help collect food to lure the various animals into their correct homes! - Loftys Squirrel Run- Help Lofty to build a run, so the hungry squirrels can reach their nuts. - Mr Ellis Dinosaur Discovery - Choose to build up to 3 dinosaur skeletons with Bob and Mr Ellis.


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