Atelier Iris 2 Azoth Of Destiny

Atelier Iris 2 Azoth Of Destiny

Plataforma: PS2

Idioma: English

Calidad: DVD

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 1.16 GB

Fecha: 28-04-2006


Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth Of Destiny is the sequel to the popular RPG about a young alchemist looking to prove himself. In this continuation of the story, youll take control of two main characters, each with their own playing style. Youll switch between them at will, as one travels the world for turn-based battle, while the other uses his skills to stay behind and create magical items. The two characters will magically share a common item pouch, allowing them to communicate as well as share and use different items. FEATURES: - For over 400 years, the enchanted land of Eden has been a paradise of peace and prosperity for human and mana alike. - But, when crisis strikes the land, two friends must part ways to save their world from crumbling. - Feel the rush of battle with the new Action Cost Time Battle System. - Switch main characters to experience both Eden and Belkhyde; master the Art of Alchemy to create everything youll need from weapons to medicine.


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