Astonishia Story

Astonishia Story

Plataforma: PSP

Idioma: English

Calidad: UMDrip

Formato: RAR

Tamaño: 0.05 GB

Fecha: 08-06-2006


A Korean-made RPG adventure by Sonnori (a title that the company has brought to several platforms, but has finally been able to bring to America for the first time through publisher Ubisoft on the PSP.) In Astonishia Story, players take the role of an honorable knight and embark upon an epic journey to recover the sacred Wand of Kinan, a symbol of the kingdoms prosperity and fortune, which was stolen by an evil rogue knight. Brave gamers will seek the help of wizards, fighters, knights and many other mysterious allies to succeed. Players will need to rely on their strength and magic to battle against elves, bandits, sorcerers, and monsters of all types.


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