Agon The Mysterious Codex

Agon The Mysterious Codex

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: ISO

Tamaño: 0.74 GB

Fecha: 26-04-2006


October 1903 London - Professor Samuel Hunt a scholar of the British Museum receives an anonymous letter which promises a discovery of world importance. He starts after board games sealed with curses and a slowly developing legend and visit the still living descendants of the cursed families in 12 areas of the world. However his task is not simple at the unknown locations: the professor is entangled in newer and newer adventures through which he finds out about some surprising stories, local customs and he develops an increasing sense of someone always walking ahead of him... The box contains the first three episodes, the London, the Lapland and the Madagascar scenes, of the continuously produced series, which is planned to have 14 episodes. During your discovery you meet a number of locals, mysteries and puzzles and two original board games. The episodes form individual units but are all connected to the mysterious story of AGON.


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