Action Girlz Racing

Action Girlz Racing

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: CD

Formato: BIN-CUE

Tamaño: 0.21 GB

Fecha: 28-04-2006


Action Girlz Racing puts you in the driving seat in a completely new and wonderful way! For the first time ever you can pick your favorite Action Girl and take to the roads to race around fairy-tale castles, holiday resorts and even through school corridors while the teachers aren’t looking! Best of all are the Action Girlz themselves: Meet Kat, an action girl with no fear – she will take anything on! She loves to hug the curves of every race track as close as she can, and is always the first to have a drink after the racing is over! Latisha is so cool you have to check her for a pulse – nothing riles this girl! She knows her own mind and no one changes it – watch out for her, she’ll have no qualms about overtaking at speed. Bianca is all about being a professional – she has it all! She uses her head and thinks about every corner and pick-up on the track. But she isn’t all brains though, Bianca knows how to have fun & relax with her mates once the race is finished. Amber may come across like she’s more concerned about her looks but that’s only because she wants to win in style! Her image is important to her, but nothing compares to the feeling of winning. Akiko likes indie music and tap-dancing, hey every girl’s different! But when it comes to racing she only thinks about the finish line, and will do whatever it takes to cross it first. Blossom harnesses flower-power like no other female – shes really something, and her passionate yet relaxed personality makes her the ideal driver - all the other girls love her. Courtney is up there with Latisha for being the coolest chick around – but shes not copying man, oh no, shes got her own style. When she overtakes her competitors on the track, she knows shell be seeing them L8er. • 5 bright, engaging race levels, designed to appeal to girls • Pick-ups to enhance and broaden gameplay: weapons, shields, speed boosts… • 8 unique characters – looks, catchphrases, character biographies, fashion senses. • 8 unique vehicles – all 8 karts have individual stats for handling, speed, acceleration • 10 Track variations - 5 daytime, 5 night time, • Different driving mode camera angles • Time Trial Mode: race against the clock, learn the racing line • Single Race mode: quick option for competitive racing • Tournament mode: compete for medals over half a three races. • Collect flowers to unlock extra vehicles and levels. • Fogging – objects subtly merge into the sky the further away they are. • Simple menu design and driving controls, suitable for 3+ children. • 3 Difficulty settings • 3 Engine sizes for each vehicle.


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