A400M Airlifter

A400M Airlifter

Plataforma: PC

Idioma: English

Calidad: DVD

Formato: MDF-MDS

Tamaño: 2.27 GB

Fecha: 26-05-2006


The A400M is the next generation of military transport aircraft and is set to re-equip a number of air forces in 2008. Its the transport for the new millennium and now virtual pilots get their chance to jump the queue and fly this impressive military Airbus before anyone else. A400M Airlifter has been painstakingly researched to ensure that this version for FS2004 simulates the flight characteristics predicted for the real aircraft. From the unique 8-bladed props to the many animations and authentic sounds, the A400M is at the cutting edge of flight simulation development and represents the shape of things to come for strategic cargo aircraft. Features a simulated Fly-By-Wire flight control system with bank angle limiter and automatic stall recovery system. Virtual flyers can use the load manager to exploit the A400Ms massive 37-tonne capacity and transport cargo and vehicles to where theyre needed! Comes with a cockpit HUD and autopilot as well as TCAS and GPWS.


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